Event Overview

OFFICIAL EVENT PROGRAM: The event program is essential reading for all event attendees and covers details like event schedule, course maps, parking details and more. Read it HERE.

An awesome adventure weekend for everyone…

The Eagle Bay Epic Adventure Race is the ultimate mix of off-road adventure racing in a magificent setting. Imagine a course that sees you mountain biking, ocean swimming, kayaking and trail running through a rugged yet pristine wilderness area normally only seen in postcards or picture books.

Crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, wild bushland and a celebratory race atmosphere that encourages all participants.

This is a magnificent race through an epic landscape that anyone can be part of.

Starting at finishing at the popular Eagle Bay Brewery adds a super social atmosphere and gives you something to really race for! beer, wine, food and sweeping views out to Cape Naturaliste in Eagle Bay, make this the perfect race headquarters and motivation to give it your all!

So step up to the challenge with a relay team of friends or achieve something awesome by racing solo at the Eagle Bay Epic Adventure Race in November 2021.

A great event surrounded by great people. A fantastic way to see this beautiful area.

Brett. 2020 race competitor

Event options for everyone

Naturaliste Short Course

Designed for new or novice adventure racers (or those who like to take it a little easy!). Team up with friends for a fun event together and create a memory that will never fade. Open to relay teams and individuals.

The course includes:

  • 13km Mountain Bike
  • 1.2km Ocean Swim
  • 5km Ocean Kayak
  • 7.9km Trail Run
  • 300m team run to the finish line

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Leeuwin Long Course

Designed for the more experienced (or more determined!) individuals and teams who can mix speed and endurance to conquer an Epic challenge. Who will take the inaugural winners crown?

  • 23km Mountain Bike
  • 2km Ocean Swim
  • 13.5km Paddle
  • 12.5km Trail Run
  • 300m team run to the finish line

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Kids Adventure

A super fun running and obstacle adventure course which starts and finishes on the grounds of the Eagle Bay Brewery. The course will be fully marked and marshaled so all participants are assured of a safe, fun time.

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Wife* Carrying Championships

We’ll be hosting WA’s first Wife* Carrying Championships as a super-fun spectacle event on Saturday afternoon at the Eagle Bay Brewery. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

* The title says ‘wife’ to be in keeping with the heritage of the sport… but we support our modern society so teams can be fulfilled by any mix of couple carrying combinations such as: Woman carrying man, Woman carrying woman, Man carrying woman, Man carrying man.  

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The location

The Eagle Bay Epic is a NEW adventure race that will solidify in your memory bank for a long time to come. The sheer beauty of the landscape will have you shaking at the knees… not to mention an awesome adventure race you can be proud of finishing, on a course featuring the best of the best!

The Eagle Bay village is nestled up against the iconic Meelup Regional Park and is one of WA’s most popular get away locations. The beach frontage to the north-east is a long expanse of white sand mixed with natural rock and provides a playground for outdoor sport.

You’ll swim and kayak in the calm waters of Dunn Bay, run on small rocks for a testing trail run and hit the single tracks in the Meelup Regional Park for a wild Mountain Bike leg.

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