Competitor Race Day Info


The window below is the OFFICIAL EVENT PROGRAM for the weekend and is essential reading for all event attendees, including details like event schedule, course maps, parking details and more.


Download your own PDF COPY HERE


The race operations are centred around 2 different locations:

Eagle Bay Brewery: Event expo, registration, race start / finish

The event centre will be located on the grass immediately in front of the Eagle Bay Brewery on Eagle Bay Road. There is plenty of parking on the grassy paddocks surrounding the venue.

Vincent Street in Old Dunsborough: Transition 1, 2 and 3

After starting at the Eagle Bay Brewery all competitors race to Dunsborough and the large transition area zone located on the foreshore at the junction of Vincent Street and Bay View Cres.

This is the location of the following transitions:

  • T1: mountain bike to ocean swim
  • T2: ocean swim to ocean paddle
  • T2: ocean paddle to trail run


All participants must have their registration kit prior to race start. Competitors do not necessarily need to collect their own registration kit in person – friends, team mates and family members can collect your items on your behalf.

Naturaliste Short Course:

  • 4:00pm – 7:00pm Saturday 6th November
  • 7:00am – 9:00amSunday 7th November

Leeuwin Long Course:

  • 4:00pm – 7:00pm Saturday 6th November
  • 10:00am – 6:00pm Sunday 7th November
  • 6:00am – 7:30am Sunday 7th November

Kids Adventure:

  • 1:00pm – 3:30pm Saturday 6th November


A detailed competitor briefing will be held to provide further explanation for race day, exlain any changes and answer any questions. We also recommend you read the event program prior to event weekend.

Naturaliste Short Course (ONLY) – 7:00pm Friday 6th November at Eagle Bay Brewery
Leeuwin Long Course (ONLY) – 5:30pm Saturday 7th November at Eagle Bay Brewery


The long and short course races will commece with a spectacular ‘Le Mons’ start in front of the restaurant. All solos and all team MTBers will lay their bikes on the grass then complete a ~500m run across the grass to their bikes, then jump on their bikes and commence the race. This is a real spectacle for everyone who sees it and does a great job of spreading out the field before hitting the single track.

The trails were excellent! Awesome scenery, great vibe overall – brilliant weekend of adventure racing!

Donna, 2020 race competitor


A comprehensive medical team will be attending the event to assist with any first aid or medical accidents that occur to competitors or support crew during the event. This will include an event doctor


Transition areas and support crews:
Support crews are not mandatory. They can make logistics a bit easier but they will have virtually no impact on your overall placing if you are organised before the event. The following guidelines are in place for all transition areas

  • No external support may be provided to competitors inside the fenced off TA enclosure (or out on the course). Support crews can only enter a TA to drop off equipment for their competitor but must leave the TA immediately after doing so. The only exception is that competitors can receive assistance to pull down race bibs (especially over PFDs) from other competitors or from spectators who are located outside the TA fence.
  • Only the team mate in the immediate next leg is permitted to wait inside the TA – other team mates and support crews must wait outside the fenced off enclosure.
  • Bikes can only be collected upon presentation of the bike collection token attached to the MTB number plate
  • Boats / kayaks can only be collected upon presentation of the kayak collection token attached to the Kayak Sticker.


All competitors should be aware of the set up and flow of the Dunsborough Transition Area as pictured below. This will be explained more fully in the event program circvulated before the event.

Live Event Updates On Facebook And Instagram #EagleBayEpic

We will posting a steady stream of results, photos and news snippets from around the course as it happens under the tag #eaglebayepic. (Tell your friends and families at home to follow us so they can keep in touch with what’s happening too.) 

COVID-SAFE: As always, please practice social distancing and try to minimise contact with others to stop the spread of COVID-19.