Event Details

Wife* Carrying Championships

Rapid Ascent will be hosting WA’s Wife* Carrying Championships as a super-fun event for everyone on Saturday afternoon at the Eagle Bay Brewing Co.

What is it?

  • one person carrying another person
  • 4 pairs racing against each other
  • around a 400m course with a few obstacles
  • a cheering crowd
  • an Eagle Bay Epic prize worth ‘racing’ for

=  a whole lot of frivolous fun

* The title says ‘wife’ to be in keeping with the heritage of the sport (that was founded in Finland in 1992) but we have changed the rules to accommodate all partnerships in our modern society, so teams can be fulfilled by: Woman carrying man, Man carrying woman, Woman carrying woman, Man carrying man.

He or She does not need to be your wife or husband – just a partner in crime, best mate, sibling, etc., to make up any form of couple/pair. We are in a modern society and we genuinely welcome any form of modern-day partnership to participate.


Wife* carrying… what the…?

If you google ‘Wife Carrying’ you’ll see it’s a recognised sport with World Championships and races held in over 10 countries around the world Wikipedia.

We have no chauvinistic intentions – far from it – we aim to conduct a fun, inclusive and entertaining afternoon event that is designed to provide some simple fun to round out an Epic day. See some images from around the world below:


5:00pm on Saturday 6 November 2021 at the Eagle Bay Brewing Co (max 16 couples).

Enter online until field limit reached (16 couples)


The Wife* Carrying Championship will consist of:

  • 4 heats of 4 couples racing head to head, with the winner going through to the final.
  • The overall champion wins the weight of the person carried in beer thanks to Eagle Bay Brewery
  • The course will be approximately 400m long and consist of some hay bale hurdles, slip’n’slide and other simple obstacles (all must be completed together).
  • The course is set on the grass right in front of the Eagle Bay Brewery and event centre to the cheers and well wishes of a huge crowd

Adventure racing is about trying something new, exploring, team work, socialising and having fun… Enjoy some light-hearted fun with this unmissable spectator event at the Eagle Bay Epic!


  • Both members of a pair must be over 17yrs age.
  • The two people in a pairing do not need to be married or related to each other at all, although it would help if they were friends.
  • The person to be carried must weigh a minimum of 49kgs. If they weigh less than 49kgs they will be burdened with a rucksack containing additional weight to bring the total load to be carried up to 49 kg.
  • Teams may not advance on the course without carrying the carried, and will be disqualified if they do not carry the carried the entire length of the course.
  • The carried person must wear a helmet (bike helmet sufficient).
  • The only additional equipment allowed is a belt worn by the carrier.
  • Max 16 couples can participate, competing in 4 heats of 4 couples. The winner of each heat goes through to a winner-takes-all final.
  • Additional prizes will be awarded to the best costume and the strongest couple.
  • Heckling is encouraged by the crowd of spectators.
  • Anyone taking things too seriously will not be able to participate.

Carrying Techniques

There are many ways to carry your loved one, 5 of the most popular globally are:

  1. In Your Arms – as if you just got married!
  2. Shoulder Ride – like you’re carrying your child to the shops
  3. Piggy Back – as above “faster dad, go faster…!”
  4. The Fireman’s Carry – one arm through the legs and carry across your shoulders
  5. The Estonian – head between legs with the carried person facing down

Research and links

We encourage participants to do their own research into wife carrying events around the world, and link to a few similar events and articles that we’ve found:

So start your ‘race specific’ training and get ready for some fun and frivolity at the Eagle Bay Epic Wife Carrying Championships.